This blog is a personal exploration space for the act of going with our love, quite literally, to the fields.

Mike and Liza started this blog together because we were moving to Baja to work on an organic farm for several months – we wanted to stay in touch with family and friends and write about our experience in public forum (read about the original inspiration behind this blog here). Now that we are back from the literal fields that started this blog to begin with, we will continue to write about the metaphorical fields we are entering – as well as the aspects of life in Baja that we are holding on to. Once you are a farmer, there’s no going back! We will be documenting our experiences of gardening and trying to live a more sustainable life  in our more temperate New England home.

This blog will be a space for us to explore a developing relationship with each other, agriculture, food, our relatively new professions (librarianship and early childhood education), and the unexpected. We want to be accountable for the tremendous opportunity we have in our lives – accountable to our supportive friends, family, and professional colleagues – and accountable for approaching our experiences in a thoughtful way.



6 responses to “About

  1. Alex Hasick

    Just when I thought Liza couldn’t be any cooler, she moves to Mexico to farm. Can’t wait to read about all the adventures!!

  2. Laura Maistrosky

    Liza! We miss you so much at the library. I love that you are blogging, and look forward to following along. I have had similar yearnings for adventure and your courage to follow your ideas may just give me the courage to follow mine once school is over. Be safe, wear bugspray!, and please come visit us when you return. By the way, Brian has vetoed our request for funds to come visit you in Mexico… such a stick in the mud.
    Love, Laura

    • Aww, Brian! Keep working on the ice cream machine – I will come back when it is fully functional. 🙂

      Good luck finishing up school!! Keep good care of the library.

  3. nate




  4. henry has a sister!!!

    Norah Rosalyn born 11/1/10
    8 lbs 6 oz call when you get a shot!!
    will get some pics up soon!!

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