signs of spring

Living in Boston, which certainly qualifies as a urban environment, I recognized spring by weather, leaves, and all the early flowers. While these are all clear signs, I am enjoying living in a more rural environment and experiencing signs that don’t really exist when concrete is the norm.

There are so many, but the two that jump out at me are 1) birds and 2) frogs. While there are birds around throughout the winter, the first morning that some migratory species arrived (I can’t tell a bird by its call, or else Id tell you who it was) and was chatting away and pecking at the softening ground (another sign, you can dig in the garden). Day by day the chorus grows, and now my mornings include at least five different calls, (I have seen robins, jays, morning doves and sparrows)

Tonight, as I was walking home from a wonderful 3rd birthday party for my nephew (we got him a kite, but the lack of wind made flying it running around laughing with a few near misses) I noticed the chirping of frogs from the mill river. While it is likely that they have been out for a few days building their ranks and noise making ability, I had not heard them, and quickly we went from silence, to what sounds like hundreds calling (for a mate?) as if someone flicked the frog ‘on’ switch.

I am looking forward to more signs, and have the good fortune of spending time outdoors tomorrow in both our community garden plot, and Good Fields Farm in Williamsburg where I can help a friend with her farm.

hasta pronto



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