Our original story

I am updating our blog to reflect our current realities and reflecting on how and why we started this to beginning. I am so glad we chose to blog (even if it wasn’t all too often) and I am excited to continue writing about the intersection of librarianship, food, agriculture, love, and life.


This blog is a personal exploration space for the act of going with our love, quite literally, to the fields.

After two years of Liza being a full-time grad student and full-time library employee, it is time for a little adventure. Mike and Liza have long discussed the impending graduation and “September 2010″ has been the source of many a daydream. Maybe we’d live in London? Or Guam? Or hike the Appalachian Trail? The possibilities seemed endless. And suddenly this past winter – September 2010  a short six months away – the perfect plan fell into place.

Mike is a preschool teacher September through June and spends his summers working on a garden and teaching about agriculture and meditation. A couple he knows through the summer program happens to own a large patch of developing land in Mexico. Baja California Sur, specifically. And they need a hand (or two) developing it.

So we’re going. Liza will have her masters in library science at the end of August, which means it only would have been a matter of time before leaving her paraprofessional library assistant position. We are taking a leap and moving together to Mexico to garden and learn and eat avocados for a few months before returning to the States and, inevitably, those pesky student loans.

This blog will be a space for us to explore a developing relationship with each other, agriculture, food, our relatively new professions (librarianship and early childhood education), and the unexpected. We want to be accountable for the tremendous opportunity we have to do this – accountable to our supportive friends, family, and professional colleagues – accountable for approaching the experience in a thoughtful, relevant way.

This blog is another way for us to practice resurrection.


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