Small town livin’

There are some pretty major life changes in the works. I did get that job I mentioned previously (yay!) and that has big implications, beyond the fact that I will be employed and no longer just hanging out.

For the past seven years, I have lived in Boston. On and off at times – I lived abroad for a year – but Boston has always been home base. I have lived there my entire adult life and it is where I came of age. It feels, in many ways, more home to me than my parents’ house, a place where we moved when I was a senior in high school. Mike and I were living in the middle of nowhere in Mexico but it felt like a temporary thing, always. An adventure, a dream, with a set end-date.

This job that I have gotten, and will start at the end of the month, is in a town about two hours west of Boston. It is not in a village or anything (it’s a metropolis compared to where my parents live) but it is not urban. I need to own a car. My commute will be a half hour drive each way. I’ve barely driven at all in the past seven years and haven’t owned a car since high school. I now am the not-so-proud owner (I claimed I was never going to buy a car ever again and have sheepishly had to eat my words) of an admittedly adorable Honda Fit but…buying the car was stressful. It’s a lot of money but more than that it served as a symbol of the massive culture shock I am going through.

Don’t get me wrong – I am beyond excited. The job is amazing, the perfect position for me, actually (well, in theory. Maybe I should work a week or two before saying that, ha!). Even with the car payment and gas and whatnot, life will be cheaper. Rent out there – wow. Mike and I found a really nice place (we’re moving in together – no big deal, just stack that giant relationship change on top of everything else, haha) for significantly, really significantly, less than what I was paying in Boston. And the place is huge! And we’ll have a garden!

So while small town living is no longer familiar, I expect I will adapt quickly. It is, after all, what I grew up with. I am psyched to be involved with my local public library (friends group, here I come!) and to get to know the area. Mike, however, is moving back to his hometown, which presents a whole other set of issues…


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