My new year’s resolution is to read more poetry. I read the corniest article in a library journal about reading poems every day at breakfast, instead of the newspaper, to wake your brain up – and something about that idea stuck. Obviously, I am going to start with Wendell Berry but I am looking for other suggestions. I was an English major but I always avoided poetry at all costs. Who is your favorite poet? Where should I begin?

I have a long blog entry idea floating around in my brain. Hopefully I’ll make some time for writing it tomorrow.



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5 responses to “Poetry

  1. You want poetry suggestions?
    I can help with this.
    For now, maybe pick up some Louise Gluck and some Mark Doty.

  2. Christina

    Oohh, so many choices! Li-Young Lee and Adrienne Rich are the first that come to mind, but I would be happy to recommend plenty more 🙂

  3. Yes! I am so lucky to have such literate friends. Thanks and thanks!

  4. elizabeth Sustick

    Liza- great grandma Sustick would say, among many, Emily Dickinson and Emily Sustick would likely say, among the many, Billy Collins and Mary Oliver.
    Me? all of the above and William Blake. Someone I admire gifted me a book of wonderful poetry by Stanley Kunitz.

    An older friend of mine told me he reads poetry with his wife before going to sleep at night. !

    xo Elizabeth

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