Home sweet (and cold) home

Wow, its been a while since I have updated, due to lack of internet (or even electricity) and the crazy madness that was the last few weeks in Mexico. You see, I took a Permaculture Design Course which was two solid weeks away from BioSana and all the comforts of the tent (we downgraded to a smaller tent).

Anyway, what I am here to say is that after having our bags checked multiple times (that we know of) going through security (twice) Passport control, customs, having a small blizzard in Chicago (we were lucky, many sobbing/angry folks at the airport that were spending the night there…) and using more disposable cups/plates than I have in 3 months combined I am safely in Boston’s North End, enjoying a morning with Joe and sharing stories of a life that almost seems unreal already.

While I could deal with a overnight low of 60 and daily highs of 80, as opposed to however f-ing cold it is here, but it is good to be back home.

Today I have lunch with the Liza and her fam, followed by a bus ride home where the family awaits…Norah here I come!


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