It’s been awhile!

Life here is very busy and we have been feeling the time crunch – we leave in just two weeks! Ah!

But here’s a little update. I had my birthday on Thursday and it was extremely eventful. To celebrate my 26th year, we:

– Took a three day backpacking trip into the mountains

– Got lost on the way home but eventually found our way. 🙂

– Got stung by a scorpion (woo! I really live in Mexico – it was an initiation)

– Had a serious yoga session my birthday morning with people from BioSana

– Was cooked an epic birthday breakfast

– Went on an adventure into town to search for the woman who bakes these cookies that Mike and I buy locally and are totally obsessed with

– Found her (Yolanda) and hung out with her for two hours

– Got the cookie recipe

– Ate a beef taco Yolanda made for me….my first beef in 5 years (and I’m paying for it now…)

– Drank a Coca Cola (can’t remember the last time I did that….a year?)

– Hitchhiked back to the farm

– Planted an entire garden with 8 other folks at BioSana – is there anything better than planting on your birthday?

– Ate a delicious birthday dinner with those same 8 folks

– Went to a friend’s house and played music and hung out for a couple hours

It was an epic birthday – and also my first birthday celebrated without alcohol in a long, long while. It was wonderful!



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4 responses to “It’s been awhile!

  1. Aw it sounds fantastic!!!

  2. emily

    Awesome! Sounds amazing. And you two look lovely and adorable in your tent 🙂 Will you be around noho for the holidays at all?

    • I will be! I actually have a job interview in Greenfield on the 23rd, haha, so I’ll be around then. I am sure Mike knows but – are you around? Hope to see you and looking forward to meeting Norah! 🙂

  3. Yay to beef!

    Boo to no booze!

    -Brian T/Miley’s #1 25 year old male fan

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