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Where to go from here…

Well, folks- just an update on the blog. As I continue to go through reverse culture shock (and the lesser known reverse-tent-living shock) and beyond, I plan on still posting here. About pretty much whatever I feel like. Not sure about Mike, but you can count on me for continued semi-purposeful ramblings about life, if you choose to continue reading.

The amount of posts will be directly in relation to my hearing about a job next week. Unemployment = lots and lots of blog posts. So keep your fingers crossed (for me to get the job, preferably).



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Proof that I am not where I was a week ago

One week ago: I used a small, quick-dry, packable towel for showering. Showers involved cold water from an overhead tank or a bucket. If I wanted to clean my towel, I hand washed it, also in a bucket. Castile soap was the only hygiene product present. For washing my hair, clothes, dirty dishes, etc…

Today: Hot water shower. Clean clothes. Actual shampoo, intended for hair, AND conditioner. Lotion, because it is extremely dry. And a huge, fluffy towel, freshly clean because my mom just washed it, unbeknownst to me.

Life is different.


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A wonderful gift

It seems odd to flaunt a christmas gift on a blog, but when it is something as special and relevant to this blog as my sister (who I now know has a blog with her photos and some poems) gave me well, it would be darn silly not to share.

You may recognize the poem as the one we got our URL from and runs along the side bar of this page. It is Wendell Berry’s

The Mad Farmer Liberation Front

Thanks Em, and a Healthy and Ripe 2011 to all!

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Oh man. I am back. It is cold and snowing and I am about to drive to western Mass because I have a job interview tomorrow morning. I am already used to having a cell phone again. There has been some family drama, reminding me immediately that the world did not stop while I was in Mexico. I am somewhat overwhelmed with it all but I am happy to be back. Sad to leave and happy to be back, simultaneously. It’s weird how that is possible.

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Home sweet (and cold) home

Wow, its been a while since I have updated, due to lack of internet (or even electricity) and the crazy madness that was the last few weeks in Mexico. You see, I took a Permaculture Design Course which was two solid weeks away from BioSana and all the comforts of the tent (we downgraded to a smaller tent).

Anyway, what I am here to say is that after having our bags checked multiple times (that we know of) going through security (twice) Passport control, customs, having a small blizzard in Chicago (we were lucky, many sobbing/angry folks at the airport that were spending the night there…) and using more disposable cups/plates than I have in 3 months combined I am safely in Boston’s North End, enjoying a morning with Joe and sharing stories of a life that almost seems unreal already.

While I could deal with a overnight low of 60 and daily highs of 80, as opposed to however f-ing cold it is here, but it is good to be back home.

Today I have lunch with the Liza and her fam, followed by a bus ride home where the family awaits…Norah here I come!

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