Three sisters update

The three sisters are jumping out of the ground! See my previous post here.

When the corn was about 4 inches (nearly two weeks from seed) we thinned it out to every foot (mas o menos) and surrounded them with a mix of different pole beans. A few days later we put in the squash. Some of the large corn is up to 2 ft now, while the beans are 6 inches, and the squash is starting to get its first true leaves. Next we will move out some of the beans so there are 2-3 per corn plant (dont want to overwhelm the corn with heavy climbers!)

Here are a couple of recent shots.


For some reason in the close up I took a shot of one of the worst corn plants…Opps. Trust me, they are big!


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  1. elizabeth Sustick

    This Tuesday will be our last BD CSA farm shop day for produce until the Spring. Such a long sleep for Mother Earth. How remarkable that the forces of growth in Baja are so ready and responsive to seeds.
    Lovely and beautiful in either location.

    You may remember your childhood advent ritual – first week/candle to honor earth/mineral kingdom, second week/candle to honor plant kingdom, third week/candle -for animals, and finally fourth week/candle -the human being. The child born on Christmas as representative of light and love given selflessly to all kingdom, and thus the manger in a barn with all the kingdoms of nature surrounding the newborn child.

    Also lovely and beautiful…..

    xo Mum

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