Down in the Dumps

How many times have you heard someone preach “there is no away”? Well add one to that number, cause we just went to The Dump. We have been living quite simply, and it took us a month, but we managed to fill a 5 liter trash bin that was starting to detract ants (everything attracts ants, so when something doesn’t, it must be real bad). So we loaded it up in the trusty star wagen and went to the dump. No permits are needed, there is no oversight, and my hope that there might be something reusable was quickly dashed (unless you count the pig). It is just a stinking pile of trash (actually, a large field with 5-10 foot heaps ready for burning).

The number one offender by far was plastic bags. I would guess that 1/3-1/2 of the total mass was plastic bags in one form or another. The pigs seem to eat anything edible (paper trash even) as they were quickly on our new deposit.

Anyway, the point of this is to remember that our system in the States (mostly burying it all) is really no better, just more hidden and wrapped with red tape. So maybe next time bring your own bag or coffee mug, request no plastic wear when you get togo food, just do the small simple things to reduce your addition to the pile of trash.

Also, compost. But that is a whole ‘nother entry.

This post is dedicated to Meredith Jones

(this guy has balls huh?)



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2 responses to “Down in the Dumps

  1. Katie

    I ❤ composting!! (It's true.)

  2. M Jones

    Our work isn’t over, is it?

    I’m conjuring up the memory of the odor surrounding the dump in Asunción, and the heat partly responsible for it. My goodness. I felt like trash was growing up the earth. Did you meet any there locals there at the landfill? I hope you’ll be able to go back there again.

    That is me, thinking of you, thinking of me in this post.
    Thank you, Liza.

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