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Three sisters update

The three sisters are jumping out of the ground! See my previous post here.

When the corn was about 4 inches (nearly two weeks from seed) we thinned it out to every foot (mas o menos) and surrounded them with a mix of different pole beans. A few days later we put in the squash. Some of the large corn is up to 2 ft now, while the beans are 6 inches, and the squash is starting to get its first true leaves. Next we will move out some of the beans so there are 2-3 per corn plant (dont want to overwhelm the corn with heavy climbers!)

Here are a couple of recent shots.


For some reason in the close up I took a shot of one of the worst corn plants…Opps. Trust me, they are big!


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A: Not enough sand

Q: What do you call 8 lawyers up to their necks in sand?

I kid, I kid.

This post is to congratulate my dear friend Joe Delisi on recently passing the MA bar exam.

He can now officially steal legally (again I kid).

Anyway, I came know Joe a few years ago when we ended up roommates through a mutual friend (Will T). He has worked tooth and nail through four years of night school while working full time.

So after all that he has passed the big test, and is now in the game.

Congrats buddy, lets hope this venture is more prosperous than that emu farm we started in Guatemala.


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Does this make me a Mama’s boy?

27 years old, got a care package from my Mom. Does that make me a Mama’s boy? 

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On technology, part 2

Now that I’ve discussed the technology I have come to appreciate, here’s the other side of the coin – the things I really don’t miss. The things I would like to change the way I approach when I am back in the ‘real world.’

Technology I need much less of:

1. El televisor – TV. Don’t miss it whatsoever. I have lived for periods of time before without TV and I never miss not having it but I find it totally impossible to avoid watching it if I do have one. So I’m not going to have one from now on. Maybe a TV to play movies but no cable. Not necessary. Continue reading


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Down in the Dumps

How many times have you heard someone preach “there is no away”? Well add one to that number, cause we just went to The Dump. We have been living quite simply, and it took us a month, but we managed to fill a 5 liter trash bin that was starting to detract ants (everything attracts ants, so when something doesn’t, it must be real bad). So we loaded it up in the trusty star wagen and went to the dump. No permits are needed, there is no oversight, and my hope that there might be something reusable was quickly dashed (unless you count the pig). It is just a stinking pile of trash (actually, a large field with 5-10 foot heaps ready for burning).

The number one offender by far was plastic bags. I would guess that 1/3-1/2 of the total mass was plastic bags in one form or another. The pigs seem to eat anything edible (paper trash even) as they were quickly on our new deposit.

Anyway, the point of this is to remember that our system in the States (mostly burying it all) is really no better, just more hidden and wrapped with red tape. So maybe next time bring your own bag or coffee mug, request no plastic wear when you get togo food, just do the small simple things to reduce your addition to the pile of trash.

Also, compost. But that is a whole ‘nother entry.

This post is dedicated to Meredith Jones

(this guy has balls huh?)


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