The three sisters.

Hi all,

We have spent much of the past two weeks planting on our land, and on a friends property. Semillas, semillas, semillas. (seeds). I have always wanted to grow the three sisters (corn, beans, squash). It is a guild used by Native Americans and adopted by gardeners world wide. The plants work together, and are mutually supportive (from amending soil, trellising to preventing pests and many things in between).

From what I know, the corn goes first and you wait 2 weeks or so (until it is 4 inches) and then you plant the beans (which climb up the corn stalk) and the squash (shades soil keeping it moist and weed free). I put the corn in on the 14th and it is this big now:

8 days into the three sisters.

In a week or two the others will go in and I will give you an update.

Oh for the seeds we used they are “seeds of change” heirloom Indian Blue Corn. The beans and squash are still being chosen.





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2 responses to “The three sisters.

  1. The NJ Susticks

    Looks like the vole tunnels I have criss-crossing in our backyard. Nice seedlings 🙂
    Any tremor felt from the earthquake the other day? Gma was concerned. We thought you guys were far enough away. Stay well, xoxo

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