What time is it? Churro time.

I was going to write a nice post about the local wildlife, but I forgot the cord for the camera on this trip (we are in Todos Santos btw) so pictures of this trip plus some wildlife shots will be posted at a later date.

Until then, I will tell you about Churros. Basically a Churro is the Mexican version of the Donut. Think a crispy stick of fried dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar served warm. Yum. Not only delicious, the Churro serves a second, and maybe more fulfilling role in my diet. That is the role of street food. I think I am genetically pre-dispositioned to love street food (I say genetic, because my father also falls in this category). Anyway, since I stopped eating meat (three years now) the variety of street foods I can enjoy have dwindled to a meager few. Mexico is no exception. In the short time we have spent in urban areas, I have noticed the late night food is mainly meat, often in taco form. Where we are tonight, we saw multiple hot dog stands. Despite stuffing myself with “Chile Rellenos” for dinner AND being a vegetarian, I still had that deep (genetic? Deeper?) impulse to eat a hot dog. My saving grace was a small bag of Churros.

Thank you deep fried street food, we shall see how I feel about you tomorrow…

Me gusta churros.


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