Fording the river…

Or our street as it were.

This is an ‘old’ (seems forever ago) photograph from our first day. Our home BioSana is down a dirt road that runs adjacent to a arroyo (seasonally running canyon). About a quarter mile from the front gate there is a particularly narrow portion of the arroyo (the water moves faster, cuts deeper). We arrived after a heavy rain, and all the water from the mountains was making the arroyo run at a decent clip.

So, we arrived to find the road cut, and the ‘Star Wagon’ (our beautiful Ford Windstar) could not make it across, lest she sink. We portaged the equipment across by hand, and transported to the Jeep which was park on the property. Wisely, we decided to bring all the dry goods over first, which turned out to be a great decision as it poured down on us during the final unload.

It was quite a introduction to our new home, and to the power of rain/erosion.

Oh, and don’t worry, there is another way around so we are not cut off.


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