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Just enough internet time to post this picture…I really like it and it describes the town we live near well. This is in Agua Caliente just 10 minutes from Bio Sana (In El Chorro). This a normal street loitering occurrence, but usually there are more cows….

MOO... OINK...


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Where did you get you shirts? 1994?

The mornings have been a bit chilly and we are rocking the plaid. Deal with it.

what you know about this?

What is coming from the trees:

Our bananas and mangos in Papaya bowls...

After a month of fruit, I craved chips, (the coke craving was more for the small glass bottle)



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On being a vegetarian in Mexico

So this literally just happened to us and I have to share the story because it is hilarious.

So being a vegetarian here is no problem – plenty of beans, rice, eggs, tortillas, etc. to go around, all delicious. We haven’t had any issue finding things to eat.

But there is one issue. The Spanish language.

So if you go to a gringo-oriented restaurant here, you will get a menu with all the offerings. If you go to any other, local restaurant – there is really no such thing as a menu. They will have a couple of things posted (quesadillas, tacos and which types of meat they have, etc.) but you really have to either speak with the waitress about the daily special (“comida corrida”) or else just kind of…guess. I am sure Mexicans understand this system but it’s slightly mystifying for us.

Anyway, so today Mike was the one to step up and try to order food while simultaneously explaining that we are vegetarians. It doesn’t seem to help to say “we’re vegetarians” because no one gets what that means. There is a word for it but it doesn’t mean anything. So we usually explain what we prefer not to eat (beef, chicken, fish) and what we do eat (beans, rice, vegetables, potatoes, etc….even though they’re probably all cooked in lard, anyway). Normally this results in a pile of amazingly delicious food…the same as what anyone else would order, just without the meat.

Not today!

Today, our waitress seemed especially confused and conspicuously absent after speaking with us initially. She emerged with our lemonades and before it even seemed like we had ordered food, just explained the mean thing, she disappeared not to be found again and we soon heard food cooking. Hmm…wonder what we’ll get??

Our waitress, smirking the whole time, brought out: two plates of french fries, a huuuuuge bowl of refried beans, and a dish of avocado. Hahaha! We managed to find our waitress one last time and got some tortillas to round it out. French fry tacos for lunch!

It was actually delicious and I am pleasantly full right now but it was a pretty funny lunch experience. Even more funny is that this place is super close to where we live and we are bound to go there again. Our waitress is probably going to run in the other direction when she sees us!

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The three sisters.

Hi all,

We have spent much of the past two weeks planting on our land, and on a friends property. Semillas, semillas, semillas. (seeds). I have always wanted to grow the three sisters (corn, beans, squash). It is a guild used by Native Americans and adopted by gardeners world wide. The plants work together, and are mutually supportive (from amending soil, trellising to preventing pests and many things in between).

From what I know, the corn goes first and you wait 2 weeks or so (until it is 4 inches) and then you plant the beans (which climb up the corn stalk) and the squash (shades soil keeping it moist and weed free). I put the corn in on the 14th and it is this big now:

8 days into the three sisters.

In a week or two the others will go in and I will give you an update.

Oh for the seeds we used they are “seeds of change” heirloom Indian Blue Corn. The beans and squash are still being chosen.




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Our relationship with nature: a Yogi’s thoughts.

I have been reading the wonderful autobiography of Paramahansa Yogananda. titled “Autobiography of a Yogi”. I am nearly finished (I now know why so many friends recommended it over the years) and came across this passage. I found it very interesting. Interesting enough to read twice, which makes me think yall would like it too.

It pertains to the relationship between humans and nature, the rest I will let you understand in your own way.

“Because modern science tells us how to utilize the powers of Nature, we fail to comprehend the Great Life in back of all names and forms. Familiarity with Nature has bred contempt for her ultimate secrets; our relation with her is one of practical business. We tease her, so to speak, to discover the ways in which she may be forced to serve out purposes; we make use of her energies, whose Source yet remains unknown. In science our relation with Nature is like that between an arrogant man and his servant; or, in philosophical sense, nature is like our captive in the witness box. We cross-examine her, challenge her, and minutely weigh her evidence in human scales that cannot measure her hidden values.”

He continues the next paragraph with:

“On the other hand,”

But, I will make you read the book to find out what that “other hand” is. Can’t make it to easy for yall.

Anyway, if you are interested in what the life of a Yogi is, and/or about the vast dynamic spiritual world that is India I highly recommend this book.



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