Bye Bye USA

Tonight is our last night for some time here in these united states. Yes thats right, we are off to Mexico in the morning to build, garden, dig and have some adventures. It has been a crazy summer and I am ready for the next great thing.

I had the good fortune to assist on a deepening roots two day workshop at Harvard (adding this to my resume: taught at Harvard) and that kept me busy enough to not think about the craziness that I am about to meet. It will be a serious step out of my comfort zone, and I am excited.

So to prepare for living in a tent for three months, we are going to go and sit in a air conditioned movie theater. Gotta see “The Town” the opening car chase was filmed on my street and Ben Affleck is dreamy.

Ok! Our next post will likely be from Mexico, or maybe the texas airport on our layover.

OH, Also, I donated my hair, here is the pic.

AND…Happy (early) Birthday me with my main man Henry


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  1. The NJ Susticks

    Mike and Liza: Have a great trip, safe travels, and Mike you look so handsome! There’s that face that was hiding all these months 😉
    Locks of love will love your locks…
    Tenga un viaje seguro. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
    Bill, June, Mal, Gabe, Kate & Gma

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