So today is one of the freak-out days. Where I think about Baja and I start to think about all the things I haven’t accounted for – what freak accidents may occur (broken arms! Large, unripe papayas falling on my head!) or – and this is even worse and far more lame – the mild inconveniences I may face (peeing on my shoes! My guitar being snapped in half on the flight there!). I just feel stressed and unprepared.

I packed today. All of my belongings for the next three months fit on the top of my full sized mattress. That includes my future bed (how DO sleeping bags roll up so small?), as well. I am not leaving until next Tuesday but I am leaving my temporary NH home tomorrow. Getting kicked out, actually – my parents are going on a trip and I would be trapped here in the woods without a car or way to the airport once they leave. Soooo I will be a vagabond until leaving to be an actual vagabond. Exciting stuff, actually, but at the moment it just feels a little bit scary. Every moment things get a little more real and I think about all of the things my overly anal-retentive self hasn’t done. Like apply for jobs. Or learn Spanish.

So anyway. I should be in Boston this weekend. Mike is teaching a workshop on some agriculture/health stuff (very pertinent!) if you are going to be around and interested. Half days so if you are my Boston friend and you want to hang out Saturday, let me know! Also, if you want me to sleep on your couch (a true honor), you should probably also let me know. Because I don’t know where I’m sleeping. Haha. But seriously. 🙂

The anxiety was seriously reduced by watching Whip It this evening. So good. Blog entry title is for you library folks out there.

This entry is dedicated to two of my favorite ladies – Sham Jones and Kiki Wallerius. Much love to you both.



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3 responses to “796.21

  1. It’s going to be amazing!!! I mean I know you know that but I’m just reminding you. 🙂 And I loved the blog title. ha. Wish I was going to be in Boston this weekend to say hello but I wish you great last days in this country and smooth wonderful travels to the next.

  2. sham

    so exciting. at least you have a pretty solid plan i guess? xoxo

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