Planes, trains, and automobiles

My final hours as a Boston resident have officially come to a close. I am now just one of those annoying roommates who hangs around too long, sleeping on the couch (for like twelve hours – I took a red eye from LA the night before and didn’t sleep) and leaving a pile of stuff to allegedly be picked up later (I promise). But hey- I moved my cat to his new home (very traumatic for both of us), so I did something right.

Tonight it’s on to the next leg of the journey – the grandma tour. Both Mike and my only remaining grandparents live, coincidentally, about twenty minutes away from one another in New Jersey. Mike gets back from the farm in Canada tonight and I’ll be meeting him to begin our mini-roadtrip. Very excited to see him.

So it is officially September 2010!!! Mike and I have a longstanding joke about september 2010 because we started thinking about what exciting plans we would make for this time yeaaaaars ago on a camping trip in Wyoming. September 2010, bitches, fo’ real!



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2 responses to “Planes, trains, and automobiles

  1. Woo hoo!!! Best of luck on your next adventure. I can’t wait to read all about it. Sending you the very best wishes for wonderful travels!

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