Life is insane this month.

1. Jake is safely returned to the U.S. His interview on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman yesterday.

2. My cat still doesn’t have a home. Interested? He needs a place from Sept. 1st to Jan. 1st. Just 4 months – and I’ll pay you! 3. My room is totally empty except for a mattress on the floor and a suitcase full of clothes. It was a crazy two days of packing but everything is in New Hampshire now!

4. We bought our plane tickets! Our official departure date is September 21st. We return December 20th.

5. Thanks for the love, blog readers! Apparently there are a fair amount of you out there reading our random thoughts, and some of you are even crazy enough to have added us to your Google Readers. So cool. And totally unexpected, haha.



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2 responses to “Life is insane this month.

  1. Christina

    I am totally one of the people who added you to my Google Reader! Wee!

    • Ah-mazing. Don’t take anything we say seriously. Just in case there was any danger of that happening. Hahaha.

      I hope DC is treating you well!

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