Burnt. Out.

It has been a crazy week, folks.

I was supposed to go to Chicago to hang out with a couple very good friends of mine but my flight got cancelled and after being on standby for eleven hours, I decided not to go. I went to Northampton, instead, and got to hang out with Mike and do some really great Western Mass things – we visited a farm (I am dying to write about this) and went to the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Then I was at a conference for six days.

I am exhausted – physically, emotionally, intellectually. I spent most of yesterday and today sleeping and watching Law and Order.

I am no longer in school and no longer employed (although I am going back to work tomorrow for a couple of days to train my replacement) and yet I feel busier than ever. Isn’t it strange how that works? I can vividly remember afternoons of boredom as a child. Will I ever feel bored ever again? I can’t imagine it. I would actually love to feel bored, just for a little while.

I had so much motivation from the conference but I lost it all the night I got back. I really should have utilized the momentum and gotten started on my to-do list immediately. Oops.

So tonight I’m starting to get back on track. Hopefully I’ll squeeze in an entry about the farm (and miso factory!) because it was an amazing afternoon, and a glimpse into my future Baja life. Some other blog-y type things to deal with, too. We’re going to begin putting our posts into “Sustick” or “Liza” categories to help readers distinguish authorship. Hope that helps!


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