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Life is insane this month.

1. Jake is safely returned to the U.S. His interview on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman yesterday.

2. My cat still doesn’t have a home. Interested? He needs a place from Sept. 1st to Jan. 1st. Just 4 months – and I’ll pay you! 3. My room is totally empty except for a mattress on the floor and a suitcase full of clothes. It was a crazy two days of packing but everything is in New Hampshire now!

4. We bought our plane tickets! Our official departure date is September 21st. We return December 20th.

5. Thanks for the love, blog readers! Apparently there are a fair amount of you out there reading our random thoughts, and some of you are even crazy enough to have added us to your Google Readers. So cool. And totally unexpected, haha.



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Does anyone out there on the interwebs want to temporarily house my cat while I am in Mexico? I can provide food, litter, cat box – all the accoutrement of cat living. He just needs a good home from the end of this month (ideally, sometime next week) until the end of January, when we’ll have a home for him with us.

Interested? Know anyone who might be??

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Jake Hess Update

Jake Hess, one of my dearest friends, is still sitting in prison. He has been moved from the anti-terrorism branch in Diyarbakir (according to Wikipedia, one of the ten most notorious prisons in the world! Not sure that counts the anti-terrorism branch but still. Awesome! </sarcasm>) to essentially a holding cell (who knows where) while the deportation process is completed. He will be deported and we have been told by his lawyer that he will be coming home in three days (assuming he comes back to the U.S.). None of us have spoken with him directly.

Myself and a couple friends have been working on various projects – getting a petition together demanding his release and demanding he not be deported, getting press releases out and asking for coverage of the story in various media outlets, all while being somewhat constantly in touch with both Turkish and American embassies. I even contacted Carol Shea-Porter, the New Hampshire Congresswoman whose district covers both Jake and my hometowns, and she got back to me. (Jake, being the badass, principled young man that he is, is refusing help from the U.S. because he does not agree with U.S. foreign policy in Turkey. So I kinda stopped with the Shea-Porter angle.)

Jake’s story has gotten both national and local coverage. He was in nearly ever seacoast New Hampshire newspaper and local news channel and also in the Sunday Globe, Washington Post, CNN, and Democracy Now. I hope that the coverage will help people to understand not only how closed the Turkish government is but also get people to read Jake’s articles and learn about the situation many Kurdish people are in. I highly recommend you read a few of these articles as it is not frequently discussed.

Keep in mind that he still has not been charged with a crime because he didn’t do anything illegal. All he did was expose what the Turkish government is doing. Also keep in mind that 1,498 others are in jail for potentially equally arbitrary reasons, without the protection of being a U.S. citizen. I am sure that Jake is frustrated with this whole process and that all he would want to do is get back to work, writing and learning. Hopefully he will be able to share what he learned here, or wherever he may end up. His time in jail will not go in vain.

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Dude. Packing sucks.

I have lived in my apartment for 3 years and on Friday I will be moving out pretty much everything except for my mattress and essential clothing. It is a universal truth that packing is the least fun activity ever. Even with the addition of a couple of adult beverages over the course of the evening.

More than anything, packing reminds me just how much pointless shit I own. I have a pretty small apartment which I share with 3 other women. The vast majority of communal living items (sofa, dining table, kitchen utensils, etc.) are other people’s, not mine. I pretty much only have to deal with the stuff in my bedroom. Yet, as I packed 7 boxes full of things that I will not need over the next two weeks, I realized – I have seven boxes worth of stuff that I will not need over the next two weeks. And yet it is stuff I don’t want to throw out. What is it all?

Some of it is essentials – important paperwork, winter clothing, and books (I consider those an essential because I only purchase books I can’t live without – the rest I get from the library). Some of it is non-essential but I will use – knitting supplies, notebooks and office miscellany, pounds and pounds of tea. But the rest – 3 boxes – is useless crap I cannot bring myself to throw out. I do use a lot of it to decorate my room (photos, my postcard collection, fabric from various countries I have been to) but most of it serves no practical purpose. I am not a very sentimental person and I am definitely not a pack rat; I throw out/donate stuff without batting an eye. And yet these few things I have hauled from apartment to apartment to apartment. The worst part? Some of it never left the box I brought it in.

Maybe it’s not a bad thing to have objects that carry good memories with them. And I’m not sure my problem is really excessive. But still. It will be interesting to live out of a suitcase again (I did this for a year when I was 21…you learn to stop carrying around the stuff you don’t need real quick) and see if I feel the same way about the rogue three boxes when I return.

On that note – I am terrified of living out of a suitcase! Haha! When I last did it, I was in major urban areas where I could buy anything I forgot pretty quickly and easily. I was also living with families that could provide for any immediate needs. Now I will be in an isolated rural area, living out of a tent. If I forget something vital, I’ll be fucked. But really, what is vital? I’ll have food and shelter and companionship. My idea of vital may shift pretty drastically.

Just my thoughts on the evening. I have been so slow to pack with the various other things going on (Jake Hess update to follow, by the way), I had to bail on a Radical Reference meeting this evening (sorry Nicole!! I owe you one, for real). Glad I’m pretty much ready to go now.

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Read the previous post before you click this link or I will be sad.


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