Today I had a fun realization about honesty and walking the talk from the same event.

I bought a solar lantern from Amazon.com (d light brand, seems like a cool company btw) and the wrong model was shipped. The first thing I did was email the company and then later I contacted Amazon. The kind folks at Amazon were nice and immediately re-sent the product. Later, I checked my email and the company had replied with an apology and said they would send out one from their warehouse immediately if I would only confirm the shipping address. So I had a choice, confirm the address and probably get two lanterns for the price of one, or tell the facts (that a new one was already shipping).

I decided to be honest. I thought to myself, honesty is good for karma, this will come back to me.

Now, to linking this story to ‘walking the talk’

As a preschool teacher I notice that teachers often offer incentives for good or correct behavior. Stickers, small toys, line leader duty etc… After a time, their attitude shifts to ‘if i’m good what do I get’. Being a awfully mean teacher I give them nothing for being kind (although I always try to recognize them/their good actions verbally), I expect it as the norm.

Now, here I am. All grown up with all the answers telling people not to expect something in return for merely doing the right thing, and what am I doing? Oppps.

I had to laugh at myself when I processed all this. Now I am wondering how many other lessons I try to impart that I don’t fully embody, always room for improvement!

Also, I love the poster that Liza posted.

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  1. Just had a conversation like this with an acquaintance who was wondering if he should settle down/have kids. I told him that having kids wasn’t an uniformly positive experience (lots of anxiety about stuff you never used to care about) but that being a daily role model forces you to think about what kind of person you want your children to be and challenges you to embody an example of that person. So, good on you for living by the principles you taught so well!

    Although, a free solar lantern…

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