Welcome, Mike! And other stuff.

So my boyfriend, Mike, that will be moving to Mexico with me, is going to be a blog contributor, as well! Yay! I am excited for him to be sharing his thoughts here – he knows much, much more about agriculture and food systems than I do (and has spent the last 4? 5? summers working on a farm). He should have a unique perspective in that way. Also, he is an educator and this experience will also relate to his professional life. Writing will hopefully help both of us to sort through the emotions and ideas we get from our everyday experiences. See his classroom blog from last year here. (It’s the cutest. I highly recommend this video.)

We haven’t quite figured out a way for the posts to clearly show authorship yet but we’ll get to it. In the meantime, he says you can tell because I will have punctuation, correct grammar, and no spelling mistakes, and he won’t. We’ll see. His first post is already posted below. See if you can pick it out.

He also donated the photo for the new header. It is from our trip to the Grand Tetons 2 summers ago. That’s the Grand Teton itself, with the moon hovering over it (when Mike becomes a big folk-ukulele star, his first hit will be titled “Day Sky Moon”).

But enough about Mike. He’ll tell his own story.

Today my coworkers threw a going away party for me. I was super nervous leading up to it – I really hate being the center of attention (says the girl with the totally self-centered blog. Oops.) – and they way outdid themselves. The library director and assistant director brought in blenders and made fruit smoothies for everyone (!) and they got an ice cream cake (!!). It was nice to celebrate the end of the summer and to see everyone socially one last time. I will really miss my coworkers – the law library is a phenomenal place and I am lucky to have worked there.

But the best part is the gift they gave me. I felt a little uncomfortable opening the card in front of everyone (it’s just too much attention) but what was inside was totally unexpected. Everyone pooled money and made a very significant donation to the San Juan del Sur biblioteca, where I volunteered for a week this past March. So, so touching. It was so thoughtful and nice, I was moved to tears.

Tomorrow I will be totally finished with library school. Only two days left of work, as well, and most of tomorrow will be spent at a law school function for students that have just finished taking the bar (and good luck to those folks). So it goes!



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2 responses to “Welcome, Mike! And other stuff.

  1. I’m loving the blog!! And that is the NICEST thing that your soon to be ex co-workers did. How thoughtful and considerate!!!

    • Yay! Your blog was among those I took inspiration from, actually. I’m enjoying the blogging process wayyyy more than I expected…it’s a little bit addicting.

      And I think you’ve written about this so I gotta tell you…WordPress is awesome. I have used tumblr and blogspot and I like WP the best.

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