A moment of reflection

I am having a moment of mourning for the life I will shortly be leaving behind.

I like library school, I like my job, I love that I walk everywhere, I enjoy the independence and anonymity of an urban life. Soon, all of these things – the things that have made up my identity for seven years – will all be gone.

I already see differences. When I tell people what I’m doing, many make the assumption that I am becoming a farmer and leaving all of my library life behind. As if I cannot work on a farm AND be interested in returning to a professional life. But I am! I am so, so eager to be a professional librarian but I am also so, so eager to take a pause and do something different, first.

Today I walked from my school to my job, stopping halfway to eat lunch alone in Copley Square. I do this fairly regularly and it is one of my favorite moments during the week. I didn’t need anyone or anything to transport me, only my two feet. No one spoke to me or recognized who I was the whole afternoon. Sometimes that is so freeing and it is only something that comes with urban living. And in a few months, it will be gone. I think I will miss it.


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