One week countdown

5 days left of work, 2 days left of class.

A week from now, I will have my master’s degree.

Holy. Shit.

Things are really creeping up on me. I get to see M. this weekend (it’s been a few weeks) and then he and I are off a variety of independent adventures that will mean we don’t see each other until the very, very end of August. I am hoping that this won’t make our Mexico planning too difficult (I don’t really think it will) and also that it will make us miss each other enough to spend, oh, say, three months living together in a tent. Maybe we should have done it the other way around – three months in a tent and THEN a month and a half without seeing each other? 🙂

I am trying not to get emotional about work but it is hard when I feel like I’m saying goodbye every single day.

With school, I am glad to be leaving on the note I am. I am taking a public libraries course and I love every moment of it. The teacher is great (despite the fact that he once talked about how he loved Thomas Friedman in class. Come on. The world is not fucking flat.) and it has reminded me why I came to library school in the first place – to be a public librarian. That’s where I’ll be focusing my job search on post-Mexico. I’d love to end up in a tiny town library in NH. I can’t even believe that I want that (it’s everything I ran from as an 18-year-old) but…it’d be great.


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