On writing.

My professor just gave me back a paper I wrote for class and told me I should try to get it published.

I have long had the somewhat arbitrary goal to be published (whatever that means) before graduating. Well…I only began to put effort into it in the last six months or so and all I have to show for it is one rejection letter and one total lack of a response.

But I know the fault lies in not putting enough work into it – submitting articles I know are not up to par to venues that are not entirely relevant to the topic. I just have a thing. I want to write about issues not typically covered in the library mainstream (library services to inmates, ESL programming, international librarianship) in the mainstream trade publications. These topics are interesting to academics and maybe the occasional public librarian but not to the profession as a whole but I want them to be, haha. So I submit to Library Journal and IFLA conferences, literally the broadest of the broad. I just keep hoping some editor will think no, this perspective is different. This is accessible. This is important.

Wow, I sound like an egomaniac.

So I’m starting small. This blog is one way for me to talk about whatever I want. Now I need to focus specific writing for specific goals for specific audiences. It’s much more work than I’ve been putting into it. And now I’m accountable for actually doing it…

which is why I started this blog.



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3 responses to “On writing.

  1. C Tocci

    You should certainly work to find an outlet for your writing. It is one of the key means by which we can build networks and communities to address problems in our professions.

    That said, you should target smaller journals that are either focused on your particular topic or that have a recent history of publishing articles on the topic. There are 3 benefits to this – 1. you’re more likely to get careful consideration and publication; 2. they likely have reviewers on hand that are knowledgeable about the topic and will give good critical feedback, and; 3. once published, it is more likely to be read by others who are also working on the matter. Cut your teeth there, and eventually you and your colleagues will be ready to push your way into the big journals, if that is the best venue for it. Sometimes the margin is the most strategic place to be.

  2. Oh, Tocci. Of course you found my blog. 🙂 I’m not even really ready for this to be public yet!

    But yeah, I agree. I think the process of trying to get published in and of itself is valuable and will give me practice for when, someday, I might actually have something useful to say.

    Also – see you this weekend!!

  3. C Tocci

    You already have useful things to say. I’m sure I will hear some of them this weekend.

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